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Dr. Derfogail Delcassian is currently a Marie Curie Fellow based jointly between the University of Nottingham and MIT.  Her research interests are in immunoengineering, combining her expertise in chemistry, materials science, immunology and nanomedicine. Dr. Delcassian designs biomaterials to direct and control immune cells inside and outside of the body. She builds artificial cells/lymph nodes, and targeted drug and gene delivery systems to train and instruct immune cells. These biomaterials can be used to train the immune system to fight cancer, or to help prevent rejection of organ transplants by the host immune system. Dr. Delcassian has attracted significant independent peer-reviewed funding and has been awarded a number of national and international awards to support her research.


Alongside her research, Dr. Delcassian is passionate about the translation of healthcare research from the bench to patients. She  works with entrepreneurs, government agents and researchers to advocate for safe and accelerated translation of scientific research. In her spare time, she is usually found adventuring outdoors on expeditions around the world.  

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