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My approach

Translating great scientific discoveries into real therapies that can benefit patients requires scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and the public to work together. I'm passionate about finding new ways to move promising scientific discoveries from the lab bench to patients, by; 


- working with governmental policy advisors, funders and regulators to explore new ways of translating therapies

- engaging with the public to share new research findings, and helping patients to navigate cancer therapy options  

-  bringing academics and clinicians together to better understand unmet medical challenges 

-  training early career researchers in academic entrepreneurship and inspiring future scientists

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Science in Parliament

As part of the Royal Society Science in Parliament scheme, in 2017 I was selected to represent scientists in the UK and head to Parliament. There, I worked with members of the Department of Health to explore policy making opportunities, based on integrating scientific evidence into policy.



During my PhD, I volunteered at the Reach Out Lab, from 2010-2014 where I developed new programs to engage young scientists in STEM subjects. Together, we studied the chemical bonds in food, extracted DNA from fruit, and analysed the mechanical properties of sweets. Find out more here


OBR Consulting 

Working with students from Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial, I set up a student led consultancy arm of the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR). Here, students consulted for top-five pharma companies on a range of market analysis and strategy projects, gaining experience in consulting and entrepreneurship.

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ATREUM National Conference Chair 2017

In 2017 I chaired a UK national conference, ATREUM focused on addressing barriers to research translation in the UK. We gathered early career researchers from across the UK to generate recommendations on academic translation. We published two policy response documents to provide metrics and shared our findings with the UK Government. 


"Putting" cancer in its place- mini golf

Working with the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, we built a mini-golf course with holes themed around recent efforts to develop cancer therapies and diagnostics from 2016-2018. As a course captain, I designed and built a course focused on new urinary biomarkers to engage with the local community, featuring a 3D toilet!

KI minigolf.jpg

Natural History Museum


I trained with the Natural History Museum in London to deliver public engagement seminars about scientific research as part of the Nature Live Outreach program.

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Biomedical Entrepreneurship

At MIT, I'm interested in learning more about entrepreneurship in the US. I was selected as part of the 2017 MIT Biomedical Entrepreneurship cohort to engage with local leaders and develop new start up concepts. 

Working with Coffee
Outreach: Event


TRANSLATION & ENtrepreneurship

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