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New paper: Magnetic transplants in diabetes 

2020- Our latest research on immune-isolation microcapsules with added magnetic retrieval and imaging capabilities is now out in Advanced Materials! The system we designed enables transplant and protection of beta cells which can control blood sugar in diabetic mice. Read more here.

Marble Cente Hot Topic Seminar 

2020- Dr. Delcasian and Dr. Ramadi present at the Marble Centre Seminar, a hot topic discussion on the futures directions of nanomedicine. Read more here.

Dr. Delcassian presents at BioHUB event 

2019- Dr. Delcassian was invited to share her research with the public in the BioHUB event in July. 6 selected speakers from across the Boston research and commercial landscape entertained visitors with hot topic research questions. 

New paper: STING mRNA nanovaccines

2019- Our latest research on cancer vaccines is now out in Nature Biotechnology! Read about our lipid nanoparticle design to stimulate immune cells through the STING pathway. Read more here.

Dr. Delcassian speaks at NIH Protein Biotech event

2019- Dr. Delcassian headed to Washington State to share her research with students at the NIH Protein and Biotechnology Research Day, discussing how nanoscale engineering allows engagement with individual proteins and cell receptors.  

Dr. Delcassian: IUPAC 100 Younger Chemists award

2019- Dr. Delcassian has been selected as one of IUPAC's 100 Younger Chemists and will represent the element "Neon" in a new version of the periodic table to celebrate 100 years of IUPAC. Read more here. 

Dr. Delcassian selected as convergence scholar

2019- Dr. Delcassian is selected as part of the 2020 Class of Convergence Scholars! She will be one of the scholars developing convergent strategies to cancer therapies through the MIT Marble Centre for Nanomedicine. Read more here.

Dr. Delcassian selected as MIT Impact Fellow

2019- Dr. Delcassian has been selected to take part in the MIT Impact Fellowship Program, working with academics and business leaders in Boston to increase the impact of her research. 

Dr. Delcassian invited panelist on 3D bioprinting

2018- Dr. Delcassian was invited to Miami as part of the CellInk 3D printing conference to discuss the future of biomaterial printing and next generation challenges. She also gave a talk on her latest research, focused on 3D printing scaffolds for cell encapsulation.   

Dr. Delcassian gives invited talk at MIT

2018- Dr. Delcassian discusses her research on biomaterials to direct Treg behaviour with members of the Koch Institute at MIT. Her latest research update focuses on immunoprotection of islet transplants.

Dr. Delcassian invited to chair session at BMES

2018- Dr. Delcassian chairs the BMES session on biofabricated nanoscale tools for investigating cellular behaviour at the 2018 conference.

Dr. Delcassian awarded Marie Curie Fellowship

2018- Dr. Delcassian has been awarded a Marie Curie Sklodowska Fellowship ($300,000 USD) to pursue her research in immunoprotective strategies for beta cell transplants, focused on localised tolerance. these highly prestigious awards are reserved for the top 10% of European researchers. 

Dr. Delcassian represents scientists in Parliament 

2017- Dr. Delcassian has been selected to represent UK scientists as part of the Royal Society Science in Parliament Scheme. She will be shadowing the Director of Research at the Department of Health, and discussing the outcomes of the ATREUM conference. 

Dr. Delcassian chairs ATREUM conference

2017- Dr. Delcassian has been nominated to chair ATREUM, a UK National conference organised by the EPSRC Fellows focused on addressing barriers to translation in UK research. The conference brings together early career researchers, funders, regulators, policy makers and leaders in the field of Tissue Engineering to explore new models of academic research translation.

Dr. Delcassian completes Kaufman course

2017- Dr. Delcassian completed the MIT Kaufman program, and has now completed over 100 hours of teaching as a lecturer, teaching assistant, and practical course designer. 

Dr. Delcassian selected as MIT Entrepreneur

2017- Dr. Delcassian has been selected to take part in the MIT/Harvard/Sloan Business School Biomedical Entrepreneurship program. She will be engaging with local CEOs to train early career researchers in successful start up culture.  

Dr. Delcassian secures EPSRC Wound Healing Grant

2016- Dr. Delcassian has been awarded a grant to develop immunomodulatory biomaterials for wound healing alongside collaborators Dr. Owen Davies, Dr. Sandhya Moise, Dr. Asha Patel and Dr. Qasim Rafiq.

Dr. Delcassian invited to MIT with Fellowship

2016- Dr. Delcassian will be moving to MIT later this year to work with Prof. Bob Langer and Prof. Dan Anderson on strategies for beta cell encapsulation and transplantation.  She will use her immunoengineering expertise to design new protection systems for cell transplant. 

UKRMP Partnership Grant Awarded

2015- Dr. Delcassian has been awarded a partnership grant by the UKRMP Acellular and Immunomodulation Hubs to work on materials for protective skin transplantation with partners Dr. Raul Elgueta, Prof. Giovanna Lombardi, and Dr. Carla Ortiz.   

Dr. Delcassian wins prize at Gordon Conference

2015- Dr. Delcassian was awarded a poster and associated oral presentation prize at the 2015 Biomaterials Gordon Research Conference. 

Dr. Delcassian awarded E-TERM Fellowship

2014- Dr. Delcassian has been awarded an EPSRC E-TERM Fellowship of £250,000 GBP to start her independant Fellowship, focused on biomaterial drug delivery depots for immune cell recruitment. 

Dr. Delcassian wins Best Presentation at MRS

2014- Dr. Delcassian was awarded the Best Oral Presentation Prize at the International Materials Research Symposium for her work using nanopattern interfaces to communicate with T cells.

Future Investigator in Regenerative Medicine

2014- Dr. Delcassian has received a Future Investigator in Regenerative Medicine travel award.

Derfogail awarded Imperial Doctoral Prize

2013- Derfogail has been awarded a prestigous Imperial College Doctoral Prize award to pursue potential patents based on her PhD research for an additional 9 months. She will continue to work with Dr. Iain Dunlop on biomimemtic interfaces and nanopattern systems. 

Derfogail awarded Imperial DTA Scholarship

2010- Derfogail has been awarded one of three DTA scholarships for PhD students in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. Derfogail will be working with Dr. Iain Dunlop and Prof. Molly Stevens on new biomaterial strategies to direct cellular activation.  

Derfogail awarded Pfizer Undergraduate Excellence

2005-2009- Pfizer have selected Derfogail as the recipient of the Pfizer undergraduate excellence scholarship. Derfogail will be sponsored throughout her undergraduate Chemistry degree at the University of York.   

Derfogail wins Robert Jackson Chemistry Prize

October 2006- Derfogail has been awarded the Robert Jackson Chemistry Prize at the University of York in recognition of her contribution to chemistry and the wider community. Alongside her studies, Derfogail is volunteering with disadvantaged children and tutoring science to adults in the local community.   



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