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Selected papers


Nanoscale Ligand Spacing Influences Receptor Triggering in T Cells and NK Cells

D. Delcassian, D. Depoil, D. Rudnicka, M. Liu, D.Davis, M.Dustin, I.E Dunlop, October 2013, 13(11):5608-14, NANOLETTERS (LINK)


Delivery of mRNA vaccines with heterocyclic lipids increases anti-tumor efficacy by STING-mediated immune cell activation

L. Miao*, L. Li*, Y. Huang*, D. Delcassian, J. Chahal, J. Han, K. Sadtler, Y. Shi, J.C. Doloff, R.S. Langer, D.G. Anderson, NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2019  (LINK)


MRI v3.png

Magnetic retrieval of encapsulated beta cell transplants from diabetic mice using dual function MRI visible and retrievable microcapsules

D. Delcassian, I. Luzhansky, V. Spanadouki, M. Bochenek, C. McGladrigan, A. Nyugen, S. Norcross, Y. Zu, C. Shuo Shan, R. Hausser, K. Shakesheff, R. Langer, D.G. Anderson, ADVANCED MATERIALS (LINK)

overview figure.png

 mRNA Delivery for Therapeutic Anti-HER2 Antibody Expression In Vivo

Y. Rybakova, P.S.Kowalski, Y. Huang, J.T. Gonzalez, M. W.Heartlein, F. DeRosa, D. Delcassian, D.G.Anderson



review t cell.png

T cell immunoengineering with advanced biomaterials

D. Delcassian#, S. Sattler, I.E. Dunlop#, January 2017, 9(3):211 INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY (LINK) 

(# corresponding author)

NP image.gif

Glucose-Responsive Nanoparticles for Rapid and Extended Self-Regulated Insulin Delivery

L.R. Volpatti, M.A. Matranga, A.B. Cortinas, D. Delcassian, K.B. Daniel, R. Langer, D.G. Anderson, ACS NANO (LINK)


Formation mechanism of a novel hybrid substructure in block copolymer-templated ZnS nanoparticles

L. Podhorska*, D. Delcassian*, A.E. Goode, D.W. McComb, M. Agyei, M.P. Ryan, I.E. Dunlop, August 2016, 32(36):9216, LANGMUIR (LINK)


Modified viscosity formulations for improved delivery of PLGA microparticles

O. Qatachi, E. White, G. Bray, F. Rose, K. Shakesheff, D. Delcassian#, May 2018, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS (# corresponding author) (LINK)


drug delivery review.png

Drug delivery devices across lengthscales

D. Delcassian, A. Patel, A. Cortinas, R. Langer, February 2018, JOURNAL OF DRUG TARGETING (LINK)

macrophage v2.png

Polarisation of primary human macrophages in 3D culture

D. Delcassian, A. Malecka, D. Opoku, V. Palomeras Cabera, C. Merry, A. Jackson (in review)


Book Chapters

Cancer Therapy. Chapter 3: Bioengineered Drug Delivery for Cancer

D. Delcassian & A.K. Patel,  Elsevier, Postgraduate level text book, edited by J. Chang & S. Ladame, publication 2019

Principles of Tissue Engineering. Chapter 5: Challenges in the development of immunoisolation devices

M. Bochenek, D. Delcassian & D.G.Anderson, edited by R. Langer, J. Vacanti, R. Lanza, publication in 2019

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